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Big Heads, Big Style: Rocking the Perfect Sunglasses for Big Heads!

by Bulltru Sunglasses 09 Jan 2024 0 Comments

The challenge of finding sunglasses for big heads

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for big heads can be a struggle for anyone. Still, it can be particularly challenging for those with big heads.

As someone who has faced this challenge firsthand, I understand the frustration of trying on countless pairs of sunglasses only to find that they don't fit properly or look flattering.

However, fear not! There are sunglasses out there that are specifically designed to fit and flatter big heads. In this article, I will share some valuable tips and tricks to help you confidently rock the perfect shades for your big head!

Understanding the importance of proper fit for sunglasses

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of finding the right sunglasses for big heads, let's take a moment to understand why proper fit is so important. Ill-fitting sunglasses not only look unflattering, but they can also be uncomfortable to wear.

Sunglasses that are too tight can leave marks on your temples. In contrast, loose-fitting ones may constantly slide down your nose, causing annoyance and hindering your vision.

Additionally, sunglasses that don't fit properly may not provide adequate protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can have long-term effects on your eyes.

Therefore, finding sunglasses that fit your big head properly is about style, comfort, and eye health.

How to measure your head size for sunglasses

Measuring your head size before purchasing sunglasses is essential to ensure a proper fit.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you estimate your head size accurately:

  1. Grab a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string.
  2. Place the measuring tape or string around your head, just above your ears and eyebrows.
  3. Make sure the measuring tape or string is tight enough.
  4. Read the measurement in centimeters or inches.
  5. Note down the measurement and use it as a reference when shopping for sunglasses.

Remember, measuring your head size is a crucial first step in finding sunglasses that will fit comfortably and flatter your big head.

Tips for choosing the right frame shape for big heads

Now that you know your head size, it's time to explore different frame shapes that will complement your big head.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing sunglasses for big heads:

  1. Look for wide frames: Wide frames provide a balanced look for big heads by adding width to the face. Avoid narrow frames that can make your head appear even more significant.
  2. Embrace rectangular frames: Rectangular frames are an excellent choice for big heads as they create a sense of symmetry and balance. They help to elongate the face and give a more proportionate look.
  3. Consider aviator-style sunglasses: With their teardrop shape and oversized frames, they are a classic choice for big heads. The larger frames help balance out your head's size and create a stylish, vintage-inspired look.
  4. Try wraparound frames: Wraparound frames are another great option for big heads. They provide a snug fit and wrap around the sides of your face, giving a sleek and sporty appearance.

By following these tips and trying on different frame shapes, you'll be able to find sunglasses that enhance your big head's unique features and showcase your personal style.

Styles and designs that flatter big heads

While frame shape plays a significant role in finding sunglasses for big heads, it's also essential to consider different styles and designs that can flatter your features.

Here are some styles and designs to keep in mind:

  1. Bold and oversized: Embrace your big head by opting for bold and oversized sunglasses. These statement-making shades can add a touch of glamour to any outfit while complementing your facial structure.
  2. Thick frames: Thick frames can create a striking contrast against a big head, drawing attention to your stylish eyewear. Look for frames with unique patterns or colors to add an extra touch of personality.
  3. Cat-eye frames: Cat-eye frames are a timeless choice that can enhance the natural curves of your face. They add a touch of femininity and elegance to any look, making them an excellent option for big heads.
  4. Wayfarer-style frames: Wayfarer-style frames are a versatile option that suits a variety of face shapes, including big heads. Their classic design and wide frame shape add a touch of coolness to any outfit.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and ultimately, the best sunglasses for your big head are the ones that make you feel confident and reflect your personal style.

Additional features to consider when buying sunglasses for big heads

When shopping for sunglasses for big heads, there are a few additional features to consider that can enhance your overall experience.

Here are some features worth looking out for:

  1. Adjustable nose pads: Sunglasses with adjustable nose pads are an excellent option for big heads as they allow for a customized fit. These pads can be adjusted to sit comfortably on your nose, preventing the sunglasses from constantly sliding down.
  2. Lightweight materials: Opt for sunglasses made from lightweight materials such as acetate or titanium. These materials are comfortable to wear and durable, ensuring that your sunglasses will last for years to come.
  3. Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses are a must-have feature for sunglasses, regardless of head size. They significantly reduce glare and improve visibility, making them perfect for outdoor activities or driving.
  4. UV protection: Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial, regardless of your head size. Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

By considering these additional features, you can ensure that your sunglasses fit well and provide the necessary comfort and protection for your big head.

Care and maintenance tips for sunglasses for big heads

Once you've found the perfect sunglasses for your big head, taking care of them is essential to ensure they last.

Here are some care and maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use a microfiber cloth: When cleaning your sunglasses, always use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning solution specifically designed for eyewear. Avoid using paper towels or clothing, as they can scratch the lenses.
  2. Store them properly: When not wearing your sunglasses, store them in a protective case to prevent scratches and damage. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or high temperatures, affecting the frame and lens quality.
  3. Avoid placing them on your head: While it may be tempting to rest your sunglasses on top of your head, this can stretch out the frames, especially if you have a big head. Instead, use the protective case or hang them from a sunglasses strap around your neck.
  4. Regularly check for loose screws: Over time, the screws on your sunglasses may become loose. Check them periodically and tighten if necessary to ensure the frames remain sturdy.

By following these care and maintenance tips, your sunglasses for big heads will stay in excellent condition and provide you with stylish eye protection for years.

Embrace your unique style with sunglasses that fit perfectly

Finding sunglasses that fit and flatter your big head doesn't have to be a daunting task. By understanding the importance of proper fit, measuring your head size, and considering different frame shapes and styles, you can confidently rock the perfect shades for your big head.

Remember to explore popular sunglasses brands that offer options for big heads and consider additional features that enhance your overall experience. With proper care and maintenance, your sunglasses will continue to be a stylish accessory for years.

So embrace your unique style and enter the world with sunglasses that fit perfectly and make you feel fabulous!

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