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The Journey

Part 1: The Ups and Downs of Living Large: Exploring the Challenges Faced by Big and Tall Men

by Bulltru Sunglasses 16 Jan 2024 0 Comments

My Journey To Make A Change: Who Am I?

Hello, my name is John, and I am huge.

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 280
  • Shirt Size: 2XLT to 3XLT
  • Pants: 40x34
  • Shoe Size: 14 x 4E (14 Extra Wide)

Living large as a big and tall man comes with its unique set of challenges, and I've personally experienced the ups and downs that come with it. (Literal “ups and downs” I can’t tell you how many times I've been stuck in a waiting room chair.) 

From the struggle of finding clothing that fits appropriately to navigating through cramped spaces, everyday life can often feel like an obstacle course. 

In this article, I'll delve into my own experiences and shed light on the realities faced by the often-overlooked demographic of big and tall men and the spark that ignited the fire that launched Bulltru Sunglasses.

Clothing Challenges

As a big and tall man, one of the ongoing challenges I face is finding clothing that fits my frame and personal style, which is pretty basic! Many retailers focus primarily on catering to standard sizes, which makes sense, considering most people aren’t my size, leaving me with limited options.

This lack of variety can turn shopping into a frustrating experience, where I often settle for ill-fitting garments or compromise on my style preferences. Too many times I pulled a sweet jacket off the rack, only for the sleeves to reach my forearms and the waist to sit mid-torso.

When it comes to dress shirts, accommodating broader shoulders and longer arms without the excess bagginess around the waist poses a significant challenge. I’ve personally tailored most of my button-up shirts not to look like I’m wearing a poncho. (BTW, I have a tailoring guide right here; it’s actually easy to take in shirts!)

Finding well-fitting pants is a struggle, too, as off-the-rack sizes rarely account for both height and waist size. This results in either too short or uncomfortably tight pants around the waist, affecting my confidence and overall appearance.

Seriously, can I get a 40x32? I wear high waters, or my fellas are split down the middle!

To overcome these challenges, I've learned to seek out retailers specializing in clothing for big and tall men. These stores offer a broader range of sizes and styles, providing a better fit and more options for personal expression. Consulting with a tailor to adjust off-the-rack clothing also ensures a custom fit that flatters my body shape. Again, I do it myself to save a lot of money.

Finding the Right Sizes

Finding the correct sizes for big and tall men can be daunting. Mainstream retailers often limit their sizing options, excluding us from the fashion industry.

Thankfully, some specialized retailers cater specifically to our needs, offering a wide range of sizes to accommodate different body types. These retailers understand our unique requirements, providing clothing designed to fit correctly and flatter larger frames.

In addition to seeking out specialized retailers, understanding my measurements and how different brands and styles may fit my body has proven invaluable. This knowledge allows me to navigate the shopping process more effectively, increasing the likelihood of finding clothing that fits well and boosting my confidence.

My Suit Measurements Are:







Shoulder Width


Shoulder Length












It would be best if you took your measurements to know exactly what will and won't fit. Oh, look, a guide for getting your measurements!

Fashion Tips

Embracing my unique style as a big and tall man involves a few simple tips. Properly fitting clothing is crucial, avoiding overly tight and excessively loose garments.

Opting for clothing that skims the body without clinging or sagging creates a more flattering silhouette. Yes, that oversized shirt hides my moobs, but I look like I’m wearing a lampshade.

Experimenting with patterns and colors allows me to find what works best for my style. Vertical stripes can create a leaner appearance, while darker colors have a slimming effect.

However, personal style always takes precedence over any fashion "rules." Ultimately, wearing clothing that makes me feel confident and comfortable is the key.

Accessories play a vital role in enhancing my style. Choosing the right belt tie or sunglasses (like our XXL Sunglasses) adds a touch of personality to my outfit, while a well-fitted pair of shoes completes the overall look. Paying attention to the details ensures that all outfit elements work together harmoniously.

For example, I ALWAYS feel better wearing boots instead of shoes, with my button-up shirt tucked into a relaxed waist pant with tapered legs. This is a VERY basic look, but when done wrong, you look out of place in your own body. And when you’re a walking tree like me, people will look, so you might as well give them something good to look at. 

Challenges in Everyday Activities:

Beyond the fashion realm, I encounter physical limitations in my day-to-day activities. Simple tasks like sitting in an airplane seat or squeezing into a packed elevator can become uncomfortable or even impossible. The lack of adequate legroom and space can cause discomfort and make traveling or attending events challenging.

Additionally, finding furniture designed to accommodate larger frames can be a struggle. Standard-sized chairs and sofas are often not built to support my weight and proportions, leading to discomfort and potential health issues. Finding furniture that provides proper support and comfortable seating dramatically enhances my quality of life.

Years ago, I spent the money on an oversized office chair and recliner. Game. Changer.

Overcoming Stereotypes and Body Shaming

Big and tall men, including myself, often face societal stereotypes and body shaming that negatively impact self-esteem and confidence. We may be big and imposing, but we are still people.

Society tends to idealize a particular body type, portraying thinness as the standard of attractiveness. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in.

Fuck that

Challenging these stereotypes and celebrating the diversity of body shapes and sizes is crucial. Being proud of my unique attributes and recognizing that beauty and attractiveness come in all forms is essential.

By embracing my body and advocating for body positivity, I contribute to shifting societal attitudes and promoting a more inclusive definition of attractiveness.

Confidence beats appearance 99% of the time, and your clothing plays a major part.

Celebrating Uniqueness

Big and tall men bring a unique presence and energy to the world. Our larger frames command attention and exude confidence.

It's essential to celebrate and appreciate our uniqueness, recognizing that our size is not a limitation but a defining characteristic.

Highlighting the achievements and contributions of big and tall men in various fields challenges the notion that size limits abilities or potential. Many of us have excelled in sports, entertainment, business, and countless other areas, proving that size is not a determining factor in success.

Embracing and Empowering

Living large as a big and tall man has its challenges. Still, I've overcome these challenges by seeking specialized retailers, understanding personal measurements, embracing individual style, and feeling confident in my appearance.

That’s why I started, to help other guys my size fit in… Literally.

In Part 2, I go over the 8 research and planning steps I took to launch a Big and Tall brand, so keep reading! →

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